Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When did God Give Women Authority To Teach?  

A: If you read In Matthew 28 chapter you will find  where an angel and  Jesus told Mary Magdelene to go tell His disciples that He is risen. That is telling a woman to go an let others know of the Savior's ressurection. In  Acts. 2:17,  God said, "In the last days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy." Here God has no certain gender. He uses whom ever and whatever He wants to get His work done. He is God all by Himself ______________________________________________________________

Q: How can I know that God speaks to me?  

 A: You will have a burning desire to do whatever you heard or felt, or you may have a sadden spirit to do it, but it stays on your mind. In Genesis 6 God spoke to Noah and told him how sorry He was that He had made mankind because of the sinful nature they had adopted. He told Noah to build an ark of safety because He was going to destroy the whole world with flood water. Noah had a persistent desire to please the Lord. In Exodus, God told Moses He wanted him to be a leader of the Israelite people to lead them from slavery and bondage from the Pharoah of Egypt. Moses was relunctant, because he felt that he could not speak adequately. So you see, these two qualities will persist when God calls you to do a task. Either way, eager orsadden,  we must obey Him


Q: How do we know we are saved? 

A: Jesus said in Mark 16:16, "Anyone who believes on Me will be saved,   but anyone who believes not on Me shall be condemned." Ask yourself these questions. (1). Do I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, as the  Savior of the world. (2) Do I believe that Jesus died and was ressurected on the third day to redeem us from our sins? (3) Am I willing to be baptized as a symbol of a new life in Christ Jesus. If you answered yes to these questions, and mean it in your heart no matter what anyone says,  you are saved. At the end of this life,  you will spend eternity in heaven where God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit as our Guide abides. _______________________________________________________________

Q: What is meant by Christian Works? 

 A: If you have given your life to Christ Jesus, you are one of those diciples spoken of in Matthew 28:18-20. You have been given the same authoriy as those early deciples. Therefore your duty will be to do as they were instructed to do. Go teach and make other deciples everywhere. Also read in depth Matthew 10 chapter. You will get a clear view of your duties and what to expect being a disciple of           Christ Jesus. Christ


: How Is The Money Spent In Your Offfering?  

A: We follow the guidelines of the Bible. Our main mission is to follow              Jesus Christ. He petitions us to visit the sick, feed the hungry, cloth the naked. and to get the gospel around the world.  This involves some traveling and spending. We use the money and gifts as our resource to help meet these and other needs. So when we reach our Heavenly home we can hear the Savior say well done thy good and faithful servants.  __________________________________________________________________

Q: Why Should I Donate To Your Ministry? 

A: When you donate to Charlene Williams Christian Ministries you are helping to feed the hungry, visit the sick, cloth the naked. You will be rewarded for any contributions, for it will come back to you more than you gave. Luke 6:38 states that when you give it will come back to you  running over, shaken together, until it over flows. Also Revelation 22:12 states that you will be rewarded for you works. Some of your works will involve you contributions to help someone.    __________________________________________________________________

                                 PARTNERSHIP FAQ

What is meant by partnership?

A partner is an individual or group of people that help support this ministry. It may be in finance, prayer, friendliness, encouragement, or whatever God lays on your heart.

How do I become a partner?

Becoming a partner is simple and easy. Simply make your committment via telephone, or email. When we receive your contribution, you will be recognized as a partner with Charlene Williams Christian  Ministries.  You will be added to our list of partners. God is the greatest rewarder. He will see your works and reward you accordingly. Revelation 22:12


How is partnering beneficial?

Partnering with this ministry is beneficial to you and others. You will be blessed according to God's Word for you heart-felt service to make a difference in the life  of someone else. Therefore, you will reap a harvest as a result. Some needy person/swill be helped and lead to Christ. Someone will be fed, clothed, consoled, ministered to, or whatever the case may be. With God's guidance, we will minister accordingly.

How do we know your ministry is real?

Trust God to lead you. Ask Him if this is right. He will be your guide. He will guide your heart, and bless you for your efforts



Send us your personal testimonies. We want to hear the  great things God is doing in your life. Let us pray and  rejoice together