1. Someone has been burdened with trusting a love one with a life decision that will determine if you will live of die. If This Is You Contact Us

2. There is someone faced with  had knee surgery. The surgery will  be fine.  If This Is You Contact Us

3. Someone is suffering from a choice between life or death. The doctors said their situation is hopeless.  If This Is You Contact Us.

4. The spirit of witch craft just left a lady in Wisconsin. You heard evil voices and saw evil images in your house, but the anointing power of Jesus Christ has driven them away, and you are no longer aggravated by these evil forces.  If This is you Contact Us

5. A 35 year old lady has a child that has a mental illness. That child will snap into sanity and the entire family will be totally surprised. If This Is You Contact Us

6. A 17 year old boy was in a car wreck on April 23rd, 2007. You have been in a coma since. Your family is constantly  praying for you. You will snap out of the coma and  rise to wellness. Everyone will be amazed. You will not know what  happened. You will become a great world evangelist, and  live to tell your story to the nations. If This Is You Contact Us

7. Someone has been waiting to hear from a loved one. You have not heard from them in 7 years. You will be amazed when you hear from them which will be in this upcoming week. If This Is You Contact Us

8 A woman in your late 30's is overweight, diabetic, and very discouraged with life. You have tried to loose weight, but you cannot seem to stay on a diet and exercise regiment no longer that 4 days. You cries constantly, because you cannot go anywhere for feeling like people are looking and lakughing at you. Your clothes are hard to fit. You will gain will power, and by December 2007 you will have lost 150 pouinds. You will develop a better eating lifestyle. If This Is You Contact Us.

9. Someone has recently come in to possession of a great sum of money. The money is from an inheritance that you knew nothing of. You were contacted recently and found out you are entitled to $30,000.00 dollars.  You have been struggling to make ends meet. If This is You Contact Us

10. There is a young man that has a broken nose. You were trying to get some books off of a shelf. Several books fell and hit you on your face as you were reaching up. Healing is on the way for you.        If This is You Contact Us 

11.There is a young boy and girl who has just got delivered from drug addiction. You are now clean and has no desire for drugs.  If This is You Contact Us


Prophets Exposed


                    Their Description

The first division of the Old Testament was known as the Law with the second being called the Former Prophets, but these included four books which have already been outlined—Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings. Though these books deal with the history of Israel, they were composed from a prophetic viewpoint and possibly even the authors themselves may have been prophets by profession.

                                                     Their Message and Directives

As a mouthpiece or spokesman for God, the prophet’s primary duty was to speak forth God’s message to God’s people in the historical context of what was happening among God’s people. The broadest meaning is that of forthtelling; the narrower meaning is that of foretelling. In the process of proclaiming God’s message, the prophet would sometimes reveal that which pertained to the future, but, contrary to popular opinion, this was only a small part of the prophets message. Forthtelling involved insight into the will of God; it was exhortative, challenging men to obey. On the other hand, foretelling entailed foresight into the plan of God; it was predictive, either encouraging the righteous in view of God’s promises or warning in view of coming judgment. So the prophet was the divinely chosen spokesman who, having received God’s message, proclaimed it in oral, visual, or written form to the people. For this reason, a common formula used by the prophets was, “Thus says the Lord.”

 First, they functioned as preachers


Second, they functioned as predictors


Finally, they functioned as watchmen.

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