by Keijo

Hello in warm touch of love in God who will inspirer to greet you and set the fire on us all that darkness time when many the lamps willnot more shine and burn ,but the Lord is good and set us again to the new joy and heavenly realm to his glory that last time,thanks and bless and pray,keijo Sweden


 by Debbie Acosta

Your ministry has been a blessing to me, often lifting my spirits when I am feeling down and need that gentle reminder that I am not alone, Jesus will always be there. I have been inspired to seek deeper knowledge and relationship with my Savior. God bless you abundantly! Thank you. I know He has great things planned for me, all in His own timing!    ____________________________________________________________________________________________

by Jackie Walden October 4, 2012

Your ministry have been a blessing to me when i am going through trials you have a posti need to read.every post you put on here help me GOD is workingthrough you and saving zSouls God bless you and your ministry. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

 by Jacinta Colon  October 4, 2012

I love you my Sister in CHRIST. I love to hear from God when He uses you with authority. I declare many blessings for you, your family, and your ministry. Awesome!         ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How Jesus Became My Saviour                                                                                                                                                   

by James Stephen  James' Testimony

I was sitting in church one day as I was listening to a sister who came to the pulpit. She started to say that gang members wanted to join her two sons into their gangs.  I had just joined the service and I looked around and noticed everyone wearing suits and ties but as for me I had a bald head and big pants and tattoos across my neck.   I stood up and left the congregation because I felt out of place.

I was five blocks away and a sister came running towards me saying, “Omar, Omar, Jesus loves you. Don’t leave the path of God.”

I turned around, looked at her and said, “What are you doing here? Are you crazy or what? Come on, I’m going to take you back.” 

As I was taking her back she started to tell me, “I know what its like because of what you look like and where you come from… but don’t leave the path of God. Jesus loves you.”

She told me that she too also had been on the streets taking drugs and in gangs and in and out of jail. “But don’t leave the path of God.  Jesus loves you.” As I was walking her back to the church she had her baby held in her arms and she said, “I am going to pray for you.”  As she started to pray I was walking on the side of the street and she on the side walk.  I was looking down and listening to her prayer and a few seconds later she suddenly grabbed me as a bus whizzed by. The bus almost ran me over. I tried thanking her but she responded, “It wasn’t me. It was Jesus.”  I tried to hug her and thank her but she said again, “It wasn’t me. It was Jesus.”

 I sat down on the floor and had tears in my eyes and thought to myself, “I should have been smashed or thrown fifty feet in the air. I should be in hell right now.”  My mind was running fast over what just happened. Later I was reading  a passage from the Bible which says, “My brothers, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring him back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins… (James 5:19-20).  And that’s me. The verse applies to me.

I'M A TESTIMONY                                                                                                                                                                                        

by Emily Multi - Budd

Sister Charlene,l'm a testimony: God is faithful just want to share: On the 5th of Feb. 2011 l posted a prayer request to my brother in Christ named BRO CAREY to stand in prayer with me as l was feeling pains on my left breast for almost a week. The man of God prayed and he posted me the prayer he prayed and l replyed back and said: l receive in Jesus name (HEALING). The time was around 10pm when l posted. l fell asleep at 11:55pm mmmmmmmy God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is AMAZING. THE HOLY SPIRIT VISITED MY BEDROOM.  l saw a VISION OF A CROSS SHINNING and FLOTTING BESIDE ME. My God!!!!!!!!!!! My ears were hot and l HEARD A SOFT THUNDERY SOUND IN MY EARS FOLLOWED BY A MALE VOICE WEEPING SOFTLY.  THE WEEPING GOT LOUDER AND THE VOICE SPOKE I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Glory to God!!!!!!!!!! and the voice said repeat this: "TEACH ME, TEACH ME" mm GOD THAT WAS AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!!! l woke up saying teach me Lord, teach me. l got my HEALING IN JESUS NAME. HE IS A DOCTOR IN THE SICK ROOM THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


by Jacqueline Krenz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I don't know about you guys but I would not even talk to me before I was saved. I remember many people tried telling me about Jesus. I just wasn't so nice. I was a wreck that crashed and burned. But Jesus made beauty from the ashes!!! Tha...nk you Jesus!!! Don't ever stop trying to talk to people about Jesus. It took many people and then Jesus touched my heart!!! I was so far from him and miserable!!! His love touched me and changed me!!!! That is why I sing to him!!! That is why I praise him!!!! That is why I dance like David did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE HIM CHURCH A WRETCH LIKE ME WAS SAVED BY HIS GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


by Jacqueline Krenz - March 9, 2011

If you are suffering from any pain, God will heal you if you just lay it down at his feet and trust him. God has healed me of many things. He stretched out my leg. It was 3/4 inch shorter than the other and I had some hip and knee pain because of it. He healed it. I had severe head aches and back and arm pain from an auto accident in 1995. The head aches are gone and most of the pain in my back and neck are gone. Hallelujah!! He is my healer!!! AMEN!!!!! Our God is a Mighty God!!!!!


SHAKE AWAY YOUR TROUBLES                                                                                    

by Gary Northington

The story of the Apostle Paul and Silas in the 16th chapter of the book of acts is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. During the last 3 years my wife and I have gone through financial and physical struggles because of a stroke that I suffered in Feb of 2008. Although the Lord has completely healed me with no side effects, there have been times when it was difficult to make ends meet. When our enemy tries to get me depressed, I am always reminded of that night in the life of Paul and Silas. With their backs bruised and bleeding from the beating they had sustained they were roughly treated and thrown into the bottom of that filthy Roman Jail with their feet put into stocks. Yet the Bible says that at midnight they begin to sing songs of praise and to worship God. The Word says that the other prisoners heard them. WHAT A TESTIMONY. That old jail begin to tremble and shake, the stocks fell off of their feet and their cell door was sprung. Yet their praise not only set them free it set everyone else that was in bondage free as well. PRAISE GOD, I know in my heart that praise is the most potent, pure, and powerful form of faith that exist.



Testimony of A Saved Life                                                                                                                                   

by Steven from Louisburg, From Kansas

Thanks to our God who is in Heaven reigning over all. Thank You Lord Jesus for everything You have done for me personally, I am so grateful that You are who You are, and I praise Your name for You are so good. You have so much love for all of us Your lost sheep. Thank You for watching me day and night and for defending me when I don't deserve to be defended. Thank You for Your abiding love and mercy You have shown me each and everyday.

For I am a king sinner one who does not even merit being called   one of Your sheep for You are indeed the Good Shepherd and I am one that You saved, I give You thanks and Praise Your name. For who else could have changed a broken man such as I, only but You and Your atonement on the cross, You are truly the God from above.

 Thank You again Jesus for everything, Amen! Jesus I know You  might think I am selfish and You're probably right, but I try real hard Lord and I know I fail all the time but would You please forgive me of my errors and ways, in Your name Jesus I pray Amen!

 My Experiences with the Holy Spirit                                                                      

by Shelly C. Hunter

First of all I would like to thank God for choosing me as his child to  be able to have the gift of spiritual connections with him. I’ve had connections with him throughout my life but from 2009/2010 my  relationship with God has gotten closer. Now of  course throughout all of these experiences and life, I’ve had some annoying contacts  with the devil as well. He knows that I am saved so he tries his hardest to throw traps at me to get me off of the right path. I just continue to ignore him and allow the Lord to guide me through. Lets start off when I was very young. A kid. I would have  experiences going back to the annoying devil.

Remember he tried to tempt me at an early age and he would come off as the nicest person in the world so I would fall for it. Now he’s upset  because he knows that I have been filled with the Holy Ghost and saved. There have been numerous nights that I would be in the state  of awoke and sleep. The medical term for this is sleep paralysis, but we know what this is really about. I would see evilness soooo mad at me. The whole room would feel so evil. Like it wanted me so bad but could not get to me.  Every time I would see this I would call on Jesus and it would go away.  It’s the same as a person that is so annoying to you and just stays mad at you for no reason. Its just in the form of a spirit. I know the Lord was there to protect me, but this was getting a bit annoying to me because it started happening too often. It happened often when I was a child  but it was not mad at me like this. It was nice to me then. Now its mad. So I prayed and asked the Lord to remove it. I'm too annoyed. I can’t sleep. This has got to  go. I couldn’t stand it. I cried out to Jesus. Get it out of my life. Please. So this is what the Lord told me that I needed to do. He told me to go get a small vial and put some olive oil in it. He said I am going to anoint this oil and give you the gift to be able to use my powers with this oil to remove Satan out of your life.  He also told me to go get a bible. Once I got the oil, I got the bible like he told me to and prayed over it with the bible. He let me know that this oil is real, anointed and should be taken care of. He told me to put it in a place alone. Nothing should be in it's way. So I did that. He told me to put oil on all of my walls  in my house. He also told me to be sure to put some on my front and back doors. This will exit any demons in the house and prevent those that are outside from coming in. I did as he told me and it worked. Satan left me alone. He could not bother me again.  I was able to sleep good again. 

 Finally I want to share my latest experience with the Holy Ghost. It was this morning. I came back in from dropping my kids off to school  to go back to sleep for the morning. I fell into a deep sleep. I had a dream. I cant remember everything  about the dream, but I remember I saw my husband, and my mother, and me in it. I also saw and unfamiliar face as well that was in the room with the three of us sitting in a chair. I didn’t know who this person was but I believe it  was an angel watching over us.  As I woke up from the dream I heard a mild audio voice that said “Get ready for your goals."  I was lying in bed and all of a sudden this good spiritual feeling came over me. It lifted my hands. I started shouting. All of this was happening to me in the Spirit. Not the body. Yes I was shouting.  It felt like a real  hand lifting my hands in the air. It put it's hand over my head and it felt like I was being filled from the top of my head to my feet. I felt full once it was done. The Holy Spirit had me. It filled me up and I know from this point on, I am filled with the Holy Ghost. This was the second time this happend so Im assuming that it will probably happen maybe every 3 months or so. Not sure but I love it and, it just makes me feel happy that I am the chosen one. Once you are filled  with the Holy Ghost, nothing can and will get in your way.     ___________________________________________________________________________________

Testimony of Saved Lives
by Pastor Akrim Masih From Pakistan
 Greeting in the mighty and precious name of Lord Jesus Christ and peace be upon you and your family and church people. 
Good is God all the time and He is mighty and holy and faithful. He always hears our prayer and gives us answer. He performs great and mighty works in our life.  He transforms and changes hearts and   minds and lives through His living word.
 Last year we had received many prayer requests from people specially those ladies who were childless. 
Some couples met me and told me that they got blessing of their  baby in this year from God.
 1. One lady gave birth to beautiful son in this year.
 2. One lady gave birth twin babies.
 3. One man admitted in hospital and he had heart problem. I visited him in hospital and prayer upon him in Jesus name.  He got complete healing power in Jesus name. he is now at his home.
4. One  young girl admitted in Hospital and she had high fever and some black magic problem and I visited her in Hospital and when I layed hands upon her and she cried and was weeping with tears. She was set free in Jesus name. She got complete healing power from Lord  Jesus Christ.
5. One little baby admitted in Hospital and she had liver problem and I prayed for her with faith in Jesus name. She got healing power  in the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ.
6. I met some young boys in the street. I shared with them the living word of God. I told them that the true love of Christ and real meaning  of life.  Thanks be to God and Praise the Lord. They all received the Lord Jesus Christ and gave their lives to Him. They  came to our church and we gave them water baptism.  Jesus Christ loves the young people so much.
We give glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ for these miracles. He is great healer. I am requested to you please keep on praying for our church   ministry, family, and country.
We want to be stronger in faith and bringing more new souls to the Lord Jesus Christ.
 God bless you and your family and your church people.
 Love in Christ,
Pastor Akram Masih